A true story in Psara:
In one part of the island, called Fidolakos (Snake Ditch), there is a monastery dedicated to Saint Matrona. In the past, that ditch had many snakes. Once, during the Divine Liturgy, a small snake fell inside the Holy Cup from the dome of the Holy Altar immediately after the Holy Conversion. The priest was scared and freaked out. What could he do? He could not throw it away, for it had been poured into the Holy Communion, and during the Consumption of the Holy Gifts, he was forced to eat it.
The Grace of God protected him, like so many others, so he was not harmed. Yet, psychologically he was really worn down. He was angry, and in the state he was in, he stepped outside (the Church Temple) and with loud painful cries asked Christ to make all the snakes disappear from the island. Therefore, ’til this day there aren’t any snakes in Psara, not even one! (Experiences During the Divine Liturgy)