Since a lot of people ask me about the vaccine, I would like to mention one, maybe the most important reason for which we mustn’t get vaccinated. In order for this vaccine to be made, either on research level, or as an experiment or in the production stage, human material has been used, such as aborted fetuses, killed and harvested of their cells. So, whoever gets vaccinated with this jab, in effect accepts all this procedure which in fact is tantamount to murder, becoming thus an accomplice.
This is the main reason why nobody should get involved in this whole effort of globalizer Kabbalists to impose the new world order , for that is the objective of the vaccine, as though to make us computer terminals and then control us with the satellites. These are not conspiracy theories, for they come out of their own texts. This is their ultimate goal.
Let alone that all this is promoted by people who closed the churches and now they supposedly open them with 25 people. While a parish may contain 50.000, they only let 25 people go inside the church. They do us a big favour! In other words they make fun of us…

Therefore, we cannot trust these people who tell us that all this is for our health, especially because one participates in the murder of innocent human beings. We say that we are against abortion. Since we are against, and certainly are against the killing of these defenseless people, the fetuses, we must never participate in any process that uses them.
Let us be optimistic, let us be happy and all this great deception, the world deception will leave the world stage with the prayer of the Orthodox Christians and with the intercession of our Panaghia Theotokos to whom we should constantly pray, and also with the intercession of our Saints. 
Let us pray that all these terrible things do not happen, world war and famine and all that, which will certainly come for our sins. However, if there is repentance even at the last moment, God will not allow this to happen and they will be cancelled or postponed for later. 
So, let us strive to obtain repentance, and to live righteously to please God, and to cry like the Ninevites, attracting thus the grace of God. 
To our Lord always, now and for evermore, world without end, amen. Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ, our God, have mercy and save us. Amen.