The word occultism, in English terminology, stands for the search for hidden knowledge, some knowledge that is unknown to the general public and known only to very specific people. There is also the terminology of occult art or even occult science.
In Greek, the concept of occultism is synonymous with the concept of magic. The word magician, as ancient Greek writers say, denoted the priest of Persia, and this is known to us by the example of the three magi (or wise men) bearing gifts, as we remember from the Christmas holiday.
However, the word magic is a very negative phenomenon and is condemned by the Bible because it is the cooperation of humans with demons, through which humans acquire extraordinary knowledge or skills. Depending on the outcome people seek, magic is subdivided into individual disciplines, such as divination, that is, trying to know the future, white magic, trying to heal someone or solve a problem, and the worst form, the black magic, that is, to destroy someone else.
Man, respectively, who is actively engaged in occultism and seeks to acquire the powers provided by demons, is called a magician or occultist. Magicians are known to have existed in all peoples of antiquity, from the Celtic Druids to the tribal sorcerers of Central Africa and from the pre-Columbian civilizations of America to India and the Far East.
Obviously, this is because people have been wanting and yearning to satisfy their pride, to fulfill immoral desires, to nourish their selfish ego. And exactly there is always the enemy of man, the Devil, who is willing to fulfill all our sinful desires, in return for surrendering our souls to him.
Man’s first contact with occultism is none other than that described in the third chapter of the book of Genesis, in the Old Testament. Adam and Eve live happily in Paradise on earth, having a perfectly harmonious relationship with God. And there we observe that the serpent appears, in order to destroy this blessed state. How does it succeed? By deception, that is, by lying, fraud.
He persuades Eve that if she violates God’s command, which was not to try the fruit of the tree of the knowledge, of good and evil, she will acquire forbidden, occult knowledge, that will help them to open their eyes and eventually become “as gods”.
And how does Eve react? She believes in the fallacy of the serpent and is fascinated by the view of the fruit of knowledge. And so Adam and Eve were enthralled by the fallacy of occultism, seeking the occult knowledge and eventually acquiring it, eating the fruit.
Unfortunately, however, the result was not what the serpent promised, but what God had warned that they would lose the possibility of immortality and eventually die. Exactly what Genesis describes is the permanent way in which the Devil deceives, fools man, and leads him to destruction.
The Devil has been telling the same lie to man for thousands of years, that he will become a god without God. The phrase “You become Gods” is the motto, the tale repeated by Satan and misleads the whole universe. And the suffering people, instead of trusting the true God, believe in the lies of the Devil and are led to destruction.

But let’s go back to the history of occultism. Adam and Eve, even though they came out of Paradise, did not stop believing in God. However, the same was not the case with Cain, their firstborn son, who, while knowing God, denied Him, hated Him and preferred to go away and create his own generation, indifferent to God, after killing his brother.
Here we see that it is not enough to have the knowledge of the true God, but to love God. Cain knew who God was, but he was ruled by malice, by incomprehension, so knowledge did not benefit him. And obviously, Cain’s generation was the generation of people who gradually slipped into idolatry, polytheism and satanism.
All these elements are visible in the first civilization of the earth, which appeared in the area of ​​Mesopotamia around 3500 BC and it is the forgotten Sumerian civilization. The Sumerians were a mysterious people, which may have been the natural continuation of Cain’s generation.
The demon-worship and occult knowledge of the Sumerians, after the event of the nation’s dispersion with the Tower of Babel, in 2735 BC, is transferred outside Mesopotamia. Thus, another center of occultation is created in Egypt, which as we see in the book of Exodus, the pagan priests of Egypt are at the same time powerful wizards, who can perform supernatural acts with the power of demons.
As the Kingdom of Egypt becomes the “capital” and “home” of magic in the Late Bronze Age, God chooses to humiliate demon worshipers in their own home with the well-known 10 Wounds of the Pharaoh. God uses Moses as His representative, while the Devil acts through the priests of Egypt.
It is no coincidence that God has allowed the people of Israel to taste the slavery of the Egyptians. Because through the confrontation between Moses and the Pharaoh we see an eternal example of the conflict between God and the Devil. God, through His humble servant Moses, seizes and destroys the most powerful kingdom of the time, while the seemingly powerful Egyptian magicians are forced to confess to their king that Moses’ divine power is incomparably superior to theirs. (Ex. 8, 15).
It is worth knowing that the hardhearted Pharaoh of the 10 Wounds is Amenhotep III and the 10 Wounds with the following Exodus of the Jews from Egypt occur in 1374 BC. The son and successor of Amenhotep III, the famous Pharaoh Akhenaten, overwhelmed by the overthrow of the magical priests, when he assumed royal power, decided to declare spiritual war on the Egyptian priests and false gods, as he introduced in his country a form of monotheistic worship.
In many other instances, in the holy texts of the Old Testament, we see the occult power of the Lucifer shattered by the omnipotence of God, as in the example of the prophet Elias, who clashed with the priests of idols of Canaan.
Nevertheless, the Jews continued to make the same mistakes, that is, instead of trusting in the power and love of God, they were diverted to idol worship and corresponding occultism. All in all, with the 430 years of slavery of the Jewish people in Egypt, the establishment in Palestine in 1334 BC and later with the 70-year exile in Babylon, the Jews learned the occult knowledge of the peoples of all the Middle East, the Egyptians, the Canaanites, and the Babylonians.
As such, they created their own occult tradition, which was of course forbidden by the Law of God. Therefore, alongside the official monotheistic religion of Judaism, Jewish occultism coexisted as a second illegal religion.
With the conquest of Palestine by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, Greek philosophy came into direct contact and interaction with Judaism and the religions of the East. Through these spiritual interactions, new religious currents were created during the Hellenistic and Roman times, which usually combine Eastern occultism and Greek philosophy.
Even the Jewish occultists were influenced by Greek philosophy and began to use elements from Pythagoras, Plato and other Greek philosophers, thus creating a philosophical system that externally resembled philosophy, but in its depth was occultism and adoration of Lucifer.
The Jewish historian Josephus gives us valuable insight into the existence of suspected religious groups within the Jews, referring to the heretical organization of the Essenes, and the Pharisees, the traditional (supposedly) Jewish group known by the Gospels.
The Pharisees began appearing around 150 BC. and they considered themselves rabbis, that is, teachers and rulers of the people. But as they studied and interpreted the Written Law, they began to formulate a curious theory, which contradicted the Old Testament.
They said, therefore, that Moses in Mount Sinai received not only the Written Law from God, the Torah, but also an oral law, an oral teaching, addressed only to Jews who had a high spiritual level. Moses, in turn, conveyed this oral law to some wise and chosen Jews, who were spreading it carefully, from generation to generation.
Certainly, this theory was nothing more than a lie, a deceitful invention of the Pharisees, through which they deceived the ordinary Jews and degraded the authority of the Mosaic Law. And this famous oral law, supposedly orally given to Moses, was the occult, the Jewish demon worship, which the Pharisees did not dare to publicly and openly reveal.
We all know how hard our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to the Pharisees. He publicly criticized them for abolishing God’s commandments and teaching them “teaching and commandments of men.” Until he even called them the children of the Devil, for what they said or did.
Therefore, among the Pharisees there were occultists, Satanists, who secretly worshiped Lucifer and practiced magic but outwardly represented the pious Jews. This is further illustrated by the holy book of Revelation, where the Lord refers to some Jews who are the synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2: 9).
It was this satanic part of the Jewish people who pioneered the killing of our Lord, who was shouting “crucify him.” And they believed that by the crucifixion of the Lord they would be freed from Him. But our Lord has risen and destroyed their plans.
And as these satanists Jews saw our Holy Church and Christianity triumph and spread, they decided to take action to destroy the spread of the Gospel. They created a series of groups that began to poison, contaminate the pure water of Christianity, as if they were waging a religious guerrilla war and sabotage against the Church.
These “commando” groups of Jewish occultists were the so-called gnostic churches, Gnosticism. The phenomenon of Gnosticism is very complex and heterogeneous, as each cognitive group had different perceptions and beliefs. In the course of time gnostic synagogues were also created by gentiles, not just Jews, such as the Greek Marcion and the Persians Elcesaios and Mani.
Where the Gnostics converge ideologically is that they teach that the purpose of human life is knowledge. And when they speak of knowledge they mean not only scientific but also occult knowledge, which is why we could say that the Gnostics are satanic philosophers.
Some gnostic groups represented Christians and called themselves “churches” but taught false and misguided theories about Jesus Christ. Interesting is the fact that the false Christ, as presented by the heretic Arius in the 4th century AD, is quite similar to the false gnostic “Christ” of the 2nd century “christian” Gnosticism.
And if we look back in time, modern-day Jehovah’s Witnesses have striking similarities to ancient Gnostics, both in theory and in practice.
But apart from the multifaceted beast of Jewish Gnosticism, other religious groups appear in Roman times, combining philosophy and occultism. Initially, the neo-Pythagoreans appears, by the Roman philosopher Nigidius Figulus, who lives in the 1st century BC.
The Neo-Pythagoreans used Platonic and Pythagorean philosophy in theory, but practiced Eastern magic, and in particular with necromancy, hypnotic energies, and invitations of souls, through which they were supposed to seek the will of the gods. Apollonius Tyaneus was a well-known neo-Pythagorean magician.
During the 2nd c. AD neo-Pythagoreanism is associated with middle-platonism and Gnosticism, by the philosopher Numinius, who lives in Apamea, Syria. And the confusion of philosophical and occult currents ends in the 3rd century AD, when two new religious trends emerge, hermetism and neoplatonism.
Neoplatonism is the final phase of the decline of pagan philosophy. Its founder is the Greek-speaking Egyptian philosopher Plotinus, who was succeeded by Phoenician Porphyrius, who wrote the work “Sermons Against Christians” and Syrian Iamblichus, who was a fan of theurgy, that is, of ritual magic of the ancient Egyptians.
Neo-Platonic philosophers were fanatical enemies of Christianity. They had identified Greek philosophy with demon worship and practically no different from today’s clairvoyants. A fan of neo-Platonism was the paranoid Emperor Julian the Apostate, who was an educated Satanist.
The Emperor Justinian, who in the 6th century commanded the closure of the Neo-Platonic Academy of Athens, which had nothing to do with the ancient Platonic Academy, but had become a school for magic and astrology, played a decisive role in ending neo-Platonism.
Along with the sad phenomenon of neo-Platonism, the religion of hermetism also began. We have already referred to the magic of Egypt, which has ancient roots. With the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great and the establishment of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the Greeks became deeply aware of Egyptian occultism and began to translate Egyptian magical texts into Greek.
The god of magic and knowledge in ancient Egypt was called Thoth. Seeing the similarities that Thoth had with the Greek Hermes, the Ptolemeans identified Thoth with the Hermes and named him Hermes Trismegistus. Similarly, the magic texts that began to be translated, from Egyptian to Greek, were called hermetic texts.
Thus, through the blending of Greek philosophy, Egyptian magic and Gnostic influences, the religion of hermetism was formed in the 3rd century AD. Hermetics, like the Gnostics, had divinized knowledge and declared that this is the meaning of life.
Their paranoid teaching is summarized as follows. The supreme god of hermetism is both masculine and feminine and thus molds the archetypal man, to be a man and a woman at the same time. The physical world is a second god. The earth is surrounded by seven heavens, that is, seven planetary circles.
At some point the archetypal man broke the periphery of the seven planets, pierced it by traveling to the earth, where he was fascinated by Nature, united with her, and gave birth to seven earthly androgynous people. Later these people were separated and the two sexes emerged.
Hermetism placed a particular value in astrology. They believed that at the time each human being was born, depending on the position of the stars, a demon would descend from the corresponding planet and enter the infant’s body, up to the neck. Through this demon the stars affect people’s lives.
The knowledge of God is attained by the observation of nature or the direct sight of God, which was performed by magic ceremonies. The hermetics were a closed group who believed that only they possessed the truth and knowledge, while the rest of the people were mired in error. The cult of knowledge led hermetics to study physics and mathematics in order to know the mysteries of the universe and to become omnipotent.
Finally, hermetics, like the Gnostics, believed in reincarnation. They said that the souls of humans originate in the soul of the universe, first entering reptiles, then into aquatic, then into animals, then into birds and finally into human bodies. The good souls end up in God, this was also supported by Plotinus.
The prevalence of Christianity in the Roman state during the 4th century restricted the spread of all these religious groups. The Fathers of our Church fought all these diabolical and false teachings, but they did not completely eliminate them.
The Jewish Gnostics continued their deceptive activity by writing false “Gospels” and other occult books, teaching magic to the various ethnicities of the Mediterranean, forming the Talmud, that is, writing the various Rabbinic religions into the books of the Old Testament, and they also wrote blasphemous books against the face of our Lord, such as Toledot Yesu, where they taught that Jesus was a man who taught Egyptian magic and tried to mislead a Jewish nation.
Another devastating result of Jewish Gnosticism was the creation of Islam. The false prophet of Islam, the famous Mohammed, had come to know a multitude of Gnostics, notably the Ebionites and Elcesaites of Mesopotamia, who had helped him to establish Islam and to compose the Koran.
The book of the Koran is nothing more than a miserable patchwork of theories that existed in the gnostic pseudo-gospels, such as Thomas, Bartholomew’s, Peter’s Revelation, the books of Enoch and the Jubilees.
Inside the Koran we also see the attempt to depict the Devil (Iblis) less evil than the Bible tells him. This is exactly what the ancient Gnostics did, trying to convince their followers that Satan is not evil. The most extreme Gnostics have come to call the Devil a good and unappreciated god, while the God of the Bible is called an evil Creator.
And, as Islam springs from Gnosticism, the element of magic could not be missed, as the Koran speaks of the mythical Jinn and good magic (sihr in Arabic) supposedly used by King Solomon, a theory that appears in the occult book of the 3rd century AD “Solomon’s Testament”.
This is how the path of occultism plays out, from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, however, the action of the Devil and his organs does not end with the appearance of bloodthirsty Islam. Jewish occultism had not been eradicated by the decline of ancient knowledge groups.
Jewish Satanists continued to engage, even secretly, with the occult and the worship of demons. They continued to hide, behind philosophy or mysticism, their desire to abolish the worship of the true God and to enforce the worship of Lusifer.
And sometime in the late 12th century AD, they decided to officially confess that their religion is not ancient Judaism or just Talmud, but Gnosticism, philosophical satanism. How did this happen? By writing and publishing, in the parts of Provence, at the French and Spanish borders, the cabbalistic book Bahir.
At this point we will make it clear that the Hebrew word “Kabbalah” means tradition. So these occult Jews called themselves Kabbalists, that is, traditionalists, claiming to rescue the oral tradition that God had given Moses, the lie that the Pharisees first used.
Although Bahir’s publication sparked a backlash from some rabbis, the charm of the delusion, occultism has begun to win the hearts of misguided Jews anyway. Bahir’s cabbalistic theories began to spread to the Jews of Spain and, a century later, around 1280, the next cabbalistic book, Zohar, was written.
Zohar found such an appeal in the Jewish world that we could call it the gospel of Kabbalism. With the release of Zohar, the spread of cabbalistic ideas was rapid, from Spain to the Jews of Italy and from there to the eastern Mediterranean, in the 14th century.
Occasionally, there were Jewish Kabbalists who taught cabbalistic occultism to non-Jews as well. One such case was the apostate Greek philosopher and friend of Constantine Paleologos, George Plethon or Gemistos, who was taught Kabbalah by a Jewish occultist called Elisha.
Gemistos, for his part, suggested that the Greeks renounce Christianity and return to the ancient religion. But behind the “Hellenism” of Gemistos was not the ancient 12 Olympians, but the Jewish Kabbalah, disguised and masked with ancient Greek vestments.
From that time, in the 15th century, when Constantinople fell into the hands of the Turks and many Greek scholars found refuge in the Italian cities, the Middle Ages ended and the Renaissance, Modern History begins. Textbooks teach us that the Renaissance era is linked to the direct contact that Italians and other Europeans gained with ancient Greek wisdom.
Is this the truth? No, this is only one side of the truth. The complete truth is that the Renaissance is the discovery of occultism, namely cabbalistic and hermetic magic. And the evil began through Gemistos, who participated in the pseudo-Council of Ferrara – Florence, in 1445.
There, Gemistos began teaching his occult knowledge to Florentine Roman Catholics and to the city’s ruler, Cosimo Medici. The Italians were thrilled and enthralled by the deception of Gemistos and began searching for occult books to learn more.
Consequently, the charm of delusion also overwhelmed the city of Florence. Soon came from the Turkish-occupied Greece and other books, the collection of Hermes, texts by Porphyrius, Iamblichus and Plotinus, which Roman Catholic priest Marsilio Ficino began translating into Latin from 1462 onwards.
Perhaps most unfortunate in this fact is that those who longed to acquire the knowledge of occultism were not some uneducated and simplistic people of the “dark” medieval times, but scholars, scientists, the ruling class of modern Europe.
But like the Jews, the Western Europeans were misguided people, heretics, far from the truth of God. They were not able to realize that the texts in front of them were magic texts, books of satanism. They thought they had discovered an ancient knowledge, a primitive theology, from the depths of the past (Prisca theologia).
And the evil was no longer over, the avalanche had just begun to form. Shortly thereafter, one of Ficino’s students, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, began to study in addition to hermetic texts and Kabbalah. In 1486 Bahir was translated from Hebrew into Latin and Mirandola enthusiastically began to spread Jewish Kabbalism in the European world.
Jewish occultism has spread in Germany since 1517, and in a few years it is known to the French and English. Along with the spread of cabbalistic magic, followed by her beloved cousin, Egyptian-hermetic magic, resulting in Kabbalism and hermetism sweeping Europe hand in hand.
The papacy, during the 16th century, was not opposed to the spread of occultism, except when Italian hermetic Giordano Bruno began to publicly proclaim that Europeans had to abandon Christianity and embrace hermetism as their religion.
Then the savage Holy Inquisition acted and in 1600 AD Bruno was burned at the stake by the pope. Since then the spread of Kabbalism and hermetism in the Roman Catholic countries has diminished, and has continued unabated in the Protestant countries, notably England and Germany.
During the 17th century, two shocking events took place in Europe, the subsequent course of occultism. The first is the emergence of the rosicrucian movement. The Rosicrucians were a group of German Protestants who had reached such a point of delusion that they believed that the combination of Christianity and magic (hermetic and cabbalistic) could create a better Europe. That is, Christ and the Devil together!
The Rosicrucians rebelled in 1619 in Prague to form the first Rose Cross state, but were soon overthrown by Roman Catholic troops. After their failure, some of the German Rosicrucians fled to England, where they were joined by their English counterparts, led by Francis Bacon.
There, in England, the Rosicrucians found refuge in two places. One was the Universities, like the Royal Society, and the other was the masonic lodges. So, by the mid-17th century, university, occultism and masonry became transit vessels in British soil.
The other event of the 17th century, which triggered chain reactions, was the appearance of the pseudo-messiah Sabbatai Zevi, who in 1665 proclaimed himself the expected messiah of the Jewish nation. Most Jews of the time were thrilled with Sabbatai’s personality and believed that the longing for the establishment of the State of Israel had come.
However, the end of the Sabbatai movement frustrated the Jews but also had a devastating effect. He gave the idea to a group of Jewish Kabbalists to stop waiting for the coming Messiah, and they decided to set up the State of Israel on their own, without the Messiah! This, of course, was completely contrary to the letter and spirit of the Old Testament, which clearly stated that the Messiah would com
With these facts, that is, the Messiah’s non-appearance, the idea of ​​Zionism matures in the wicked minds of the Jews, that is, to create the state of Israel in Palestine themselves and then find some Messiah to rule them. And all this would happen not with the power and blessing of Yahweh, but with the power of occultism, with the reinforcement of the Devil, worshiped by the cabbalistic Jews.
Of course, to achieve the Zionist dream of Jewish occultists, shocking events had to take place. And most of all, in order to bring their own cabbalistic messiah, the true, Christian Messiah, Jesus Christ, had to leave his throne.
Two kings cannot fit on the same throne! Especially in Europe, it was not possible to worship two messiahs at the same time. That is why the Zionists had to uproot the faith of the Messiah Jesus in order to put in their place their own, the false messiah.
Therefore, it is explained why Zionism fights against Christ and our Holy Orthodox Church in a cruel way, because it will never achieve its ultimate goal, as long as there are people who believe that Jesus is the Messiah, as long as the kingdom of Jesus exists, which is the Church, as long as Greece exists, a country inseparably linked to Christianity.
The opportunity sought by Jewish Zionists to begin the struggle for Europe’s Christianity was given in 1740, when Frederick II, king of Prussia, present-day northern Germany, became king. The hatred that this homosexual and satanist king had against Christianity led him to work with select special Jewish Kabbalists and work together to destroy the Church.
Since then, a whole circle of European and Jewish Satanists based in Prussia has been created, through which innumerable calamities have arisen. The expansion and spread of Freemasonry, the French Enlightenment, the highly occult Order of the Illuminati, and the Asian Brethren. Frederick’s task was also to integrate the German Rosicrucians into Masonry, which was unified with Kabbalism and hermetism.
Frederick’s final act, which gave unlimited impetus to Zionism, was that he also worked with a young Frankfurt Jew and turned him into an economic giant by appointing him to an office similar to that of a finance minister in the Hesse state. The name of this Ashkenazi Jew was Mayer Amshel Rothschild.
With the backing of German occult leadership, Rothschild soon became the most powerful banker in Europe. In 1815 the Rothschild family became dominant in Europe’s other occult center, England, which has since faithfully served Zionist orders.
The 19th century was a time when occultism triumphed at almost every level in Europe. Jewish Kabbalism dominates every sector. The banking system, controlled by the Rothschild family, dominates the economy. In science, in addition to the Masonic historians, who slander Christianity and Byzantium, the Darwinian theory of evolution appears, which was result of cabbalistic English Freemasonry.
Finally, in the field of politics, the agents of Zionism create the famous dipole of the Left and Right. The space of the Left is captured by the Jewish cabbalist Marx, who transfers into the field of political theory the basic ideas of Kabbalism.
Correspondingly, for the Right, the Rosicrucians of England and Germany are entrusted to form nationalist groups, which espouse the notions of home and tradition. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in England (1888) and Thule Society in Germany are created by hermetic Rosicrucians.
It is truly sad and tragic that the two dominant political ideologies up to date in Europe are an extension of occultism, the left of kabbalism and the right of hermetism. And the saddest thing is that people to date rely on these two satanic constructions.
From the course of occultism during the 19th century it is worth mentioning two more persons, the American chief Freemason Albert Pike and the Ukrainian Elena Blavatsky. Pike, in his various writings, revealed, with disarming honesty, that the key element of the masonry is Kabbalism.
In addition, he revealed that the “god” of the Masonic galleries is Lucifer and that the Masons have a sacred duty to propagate the worship of Lucifer, while fighting the religion of Adonai, that is, Christ. Also, Pike in 1871 states that the plan of the Freemasons is to reunite the Pope with the Orthodox Churches in order to destroy both.
Blavatsky, in turn, was a covert Kabbalist who founded the occult group in 1875, called “Theosophical Society.” Through the Theosophy of Blavatsky, various other monstrous constructions have emerged, such as the New Age movement and Ariosophy. While it is well known that theosophists have promoted in the Western world the theory that the wisdom of the universe lies in Tibet and that there is genuine revelation of God in Hinduism and Buddhism, few are aware of Blavatsky’s relation to Kabbalism and hermetism.
Theories and practices, such as reincarnation and meditation, promoted by Blavatsky, came not from “enlightened” Tibetan people, but from Jewish Kabbalists, as both reincarnation and meditation are fundamental elements of Kabbalah.
The satanic theories of Theosophy were subsequently influenced by the Austrian occultist Guido von List, who founded Ariosophy in 1902, with the well-known theory of the Aryan race, which became a fundamental doctrine of Nazi Germany and Hitler. The occult theories of List, who was also a Kabbalist, are taught to this day in the groups of the Twelve Olympians worshippers (neopagans) and the members of the Golden Dawn in Greece, where, unfortunately, many young children have been seduced.
Finally, let’s also look at how occultism is linked to homosexuality. We all see that in the last few decades, this shameful sin has begun to appear on television, cinema, and in the media in general. Suddenly, in recent years, the parade of nonsense has begun in European capitals every June, while at the same time governments have begun to enact laws in favor of homosexuality.
The most outrageous thing of all is the fact that this sin also invades our country’s schools, with the support of the Ministry of Education. And most think that this work is the result of either the “progressive” left governments or a more general attitude of society that has suddenly stopped condemning this sin and has become tolerant and more liberal.
At the same time, fashion and clothing changed. The women were forced to wear a man’s trousers, while the men tended to imitate the woman, wearing earrings, leaving long hair. What’s behind it all? The doctrine of the Kabbalists and hermetics concerning Androgynous.
The cabbalistic texts say verbally that Keter, the highest god, is androgynous, is united with a female deity, and thus the first man is created, Adam Kadmon, who was a man and a woman together. The fall from paradise, the Kabbalists interpret, has caused Adam to split into a man and a woman.
Therefore, for Kabbalists, the existence of two sexes is an abnormal situation, an abnormality resulting from a disaster. And it is a religious doctrine for the Kabbalists that the man must become a woman and the woman a man, both sexes should be abolished and we should return to the original greatness. This is the reason why Zionists in Europe are funding homosexuality and pressuring governments to pass laws in favor of abnormality.
This is the occultism, this is the devil’s fallacy, this is the fall of the Europeans, who have turned away from the truth of Christ and have preferred the lies of the Lucifer. And with the course of things in Greece and Europe we are not far from the final triumph of the occultists, who will completely destroy God’s creation, even the physical discrimination of the two sexes.
The question now is what do we do. The devil’s soldiers have worked and work to this day, unceasingly, to turn the whole earth into a kingdom of Satan. What do we, the soldiers of Christ, the earthly Church, do? Will we continue to remain silent, inactive, or project a lukewarm resistance to the forces of the Dark? Or will we fight like Moses or Saint John the Baptist? And if we fight, as Christ wants, we will win, neither Greece nor our Orthodox Church will be erased. He that is unjust, let him be still unjust; and he which is filthy, let him be still filthy; and he that is righteous, let him be still righteous; and he who is holy, let him be still holy (Rev. 22, 11).