One hundred Jesus prayers, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, rest the soul of your servant (name),” takes no more than fifteen minutes.

And during the first forty days after death, it would be possible to read even one thousand Jesus prayers

– this is not more than an hour and a half, which is not too much for the salvation of the soul of a loved one.

Elder Charalamby of Dionysius, a disciple of the elder Joseph Hesychast, spoke about the benefits of such work.

“A prayer on a komboskini for a brother, a relative can liberate his soul from hell — prayer has that power, ”he taught his students.

Elder Charalamby himself experienced this, praying with a komboskini for his grandfather.

Appearing in a dream, the grandfather kissed him and said: “Thank you, my child. Now I am in a better position.

”Soon the elder saw in a dream his grandmother. She kissed his hand and said:

“My child, pray for me too that I should come to where your grandfather is now.”

“I saw them completely alive, although I knew that they had died,” said the elder.