Saint Nikolai Velimirovič

HOMILY on the only Peace and the Peacemaker

For He is our peace, Who hath made both one (Ephesians 2:14).

Γέννηση του Ιησού Χριστού_ Рождество Христово_ Nativity of Christ Cyprus (2)Between the Israelites and the pagans there lay a wide abyss that no mortal could bridge, or fill in and level off. The Lord Jesus Christ alone was the one who could do that, and He did it. That which had been estranged, He brought closer and joined. By what? By His Blood. By His sacrifice, He replaced all other sacrifices. By this, He redeemed all of nature and by Himself replaced that which men brought and offered to God (or, to the gods) as sacrifice. One sacrifice is sufficient both for the Israelites and for the pagans: the sacrifice of Christ. Furthermore, the blood of animals separated the Israelites and the pagans-by the places where they were offered, by the divinity to whom they were offered, by the kind of animal that was offered and the manner in which it was offered. Now, Christ’s Most-pure Blood has come in place of all that blood, and His Blood unites and makes brothers of the Israelites and the pagans. They became blood brothers, even as all of us faithful are blood-brothers-because of the Blood of Christ, by which we are redeemed from the curse, and by which we are now fed.He destroyed the middle wall of partition (Ephesians 2:14) that divided and separated, and He joined the hands and the hearts of the Israelites and the pagans. By what? By His Body. That is, by the living truth, by the truth incarnate in Himself. The shadow of the Law had replaced truth for the Israelites, and fables had replaced truth for the pagans. He removed both of them and revealed the living truth in His Body, and the world saw and rejoiced.

O Lord Jesus Christ, our most blessed Redeemer, unite the hearts of us, Thy faithful.

To Thee be glory and praise forever. Amen.

The Prologue from Ohrid: Lives of Saints by Saint Nikolai Velimirovič for Old Calendar date November 10, and New Calendar date November 23.