You will live to see the Antichrist!
The Abbess of Domnitskaya monastery, accompanied by two sisters came to have tea with Fr Lavrentios. During dinner he told them: “You and I, mother abbess, will not live to see the Antichrist, but they will live to see him!” This happened in 1948. Both sisters had been born in 1923. Sister N was one of the two and relayed the story to us.

I must see.
Whenever Fr Lavrentios would sit down to have dinner, while waiting for everyone to take their seats, he would tell them: “ I am not hungry, but I must see all of you and talk to you about what will happen in the future”. Then his eyes would fill with tears and would say: “If only you knew what is going to happen to the world and what is going to happen in the future! If only you knew how much people are suffering in Hell!”
And how he will turn back!

This was cited by sister M.
Fr Lavrentios would say: “Do not be surprised if you hear that people will run to churches in every way they can, to pray. When those who wear the golden clothes, (Archimandrites and Patriarchs) forbid the reading of the Psalms and later of the Hours- the Lord will show patience for all these, but for a short while. And then, oh, how will He abandon them! Then the Second Coming will not be far away!”
Remember this!
“This happened when my father was still alive” said I. M, while remembering her conversation with Fr Lavrentios.
“We were very poor and it was impossible for us to build up our lives again after the destruction of the war. I went to see Fr Lavrentios, to receive his blessing in order to wear an inner robe ( so that I could become a nun secretly) , but he told me: “Not everyone who lives in the world will be lost, neither will all the monks inside a monastery be saved. “ Do you understand me? It is not yet time.”
I again started pleading with him to give me his blessing to enter a monastery, adding that it was extremely difficult for one to save his soul in the world. But Father told me: “The monks and those who wear the robes in the monasteries will succeed to enter the Seventh Heaven, but if only you knew what those who are pure at heart and live in the world will find! The Lord will tell the monks to make room for those who secretly lived a chaste life in the world and did not enter a monastery. And the latter will be in front of the former! Do you understand that for God the secret ones will be more privileged than those who live in the monasteries? Do you understand me?” asked Father.
“I do not understand anything”, I said.
“Just remember what I have told you just now, at least!” said Father.
If one lives according to the law of Love
A devout widow had this dream: “I saw Fr Lavrentios inside the Holy Trinity monastery of Servingov together with its inhabitants. There were many sisters there and the chorus was chanting: “ Hail Thou Queen”. Then suddenly, the elders were being lifted up in the air, but there were only 7-8 women along with the Father. I run to ask him why did he only have so few women with him but just as I was about to ask the question, I woke up without getting any reply”.
When I went to see Father Lavrentios he told me: “It is true that you had this dream! We have lived through this spiritual state together, but then everything ended. If one has a piece of bread he must share it with someone else, who in turn will pray for him. Therefore, both will benefit from their offerings and all will be saved. However, exactly the opposite happens with us. He, who has a piece of bread, tries to get many more pieces for himself. That’s why there are so few who are being advanced spiritually. It’s because there is no Love!”
Few will be saved
Blessed Father Lavrentios would often repeat that peoples’ souls descend to Hell, just like the people who go to Church on a feast day. But go to Heaven like those who go to Church during an ordinary day.
He would often sit and cry. He was feeling sorry for the people who could not be saved. “Ah! If only you knew how many people are cramped in Hell! They are like sardines in a barrel”.
His spiritual children would try to console him but he would not stop crying and would say to them: “You cannot see… But if you could see… it is very distressing! During the final days Hell will be filled with young people”.
Think about this.
“I tell you, and I say this with great distress. You will buy houses and you will spend your days smartening up the large and wonderful monasteries. But you will not have time for prayer, despite having given the oath of poverty!
It will not be difficult to be saved during the final days, but only if you act prudently and patiently. Anyone who rides over all these temptations will be saved! Such a person will be among the privileged. The first will glow like the lamps; the latter will shine like the sun. You must prepare another kind of residence for you. Therefore, listen and think about this.”
This is what the respected father would repeatedly say, seeing the future with his enlightened mind and warning many of his spiritual children.
During the awful years
“Not long before the appearance of the Antichrist, even those churches, which have been abandoned, will be repaired and restored- not only on the inside but also on the outside. They will spray gold on the domes of the Cathedrals, and when they finish the main one, the time has come for the enthronement of the Antichrist. Pray to the Lord, to lengthen this time, so that we are encouraged and find solace. There will be terrible times ahead of us. The restoration of the Cathedrals will last until the time of the enthronement of the Antichrist. There will be unprecedented cheerfulness”.
Father Lavrentios would also say: “Can you see how cunningly and slyly they prepare all this?”
Then, he would continue crying: “All the Cathedrals will be exceptionally magnificent, like they have never been before, but you must not go inside for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, because it will not be offered there. You must remember: There will be many churches, but the Orthodox Christians must not enter them because the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ ( Rev. 2-9) will assemble there. I repeat once again. No one must assemble in the Cathedrals, because there will be no clemency to those who enter them!”
On Antichrist
“The Antichrist will be enthroned in a beautiful, restored temple (church) in Jerusalem in front of the clergy and the Russian Patriarch. There will be free entry into and out of Jerusalem for everyone, but do not try to go there because everything will be made so that ‘you will be deceived’. ( Math. 24-24) He (the Antichrist) will use perfectly well all the satanic flattery and will perform great wonders. The whole world will hear him and see him. He will stamp all people with Satan’s seal and will hate orthodox Russia”.
There is no need to be afraid
Father Lavrentios told a deacon, who is still alive but very old:
“You will live to see the times when the Antichrist will assume all authority. Do not be afraid. Warn everyone that it is him, but that there is no need for them to be scared! There will be a war and wherever he will pass by, no one will be left alive! But before this time, the Lord will send secondary illnesses to those who are weak, so that they may die, because during his time there will no longer be any death. The third world War will not be for repentance but for extermination. However,the Lord will allow those who are stronger to live, so that they will be able to face him.
The highest ‘peace maker’
Devout father Lavrentios, speaking often about the Antichrist, would say: “There will be a time when there will be fighting and fighting and a world war will break out. And in all this turmoil they will say: ‘Let us chose a King who will unite the whole world’. And they will elect him! They will elect Antichrist as the only King and the highest world ‘peace maker’. It is important that you listen very carefully. It is necessary that you exercise your ears so that they listen carefully! As soon as they start electing one man to lead the whole world, know that it is none other than him and that it is forbidden for the orthodox Christians to vote for him”.
My words are totally true
Father Lavrentios was sitting in the attic and was talking about the final days and the end of this world, and about the details regarding the enthronement of the Antichrist and those who have moved away from God. Then three priests, Nikiforos, Gregory and Basil Ganzin, opposed Father Lavrentios, saying that he was telling them different things about these matters. But he replied to them:
“ Fathers and brothers in Christ, there is one thing which you neither know nor understand. I speak not only about Russia but about the whole world! Everything I have said about the future events is true because the Holy Spirit has revealed these to me with His grace”.
For a short time
Archimandrite Theophanis was citing how Father Lavrentios was saying with a smile: “The Russians will repent for their deadly sins: because they had allowed the antichrist’s profanity to prevail in Russia so that they could keep their authority, because they did not protect God’s kingdom, the orthodox churches and monasteries and all that is sanctified in Russia and because they had ignored piety and loved satanic profanity. However, there will come a time when a sudden spiritual change will take place! Russia, together with the other Slav territories, will become a strong kingdom. It will be governed by an Orthodox King and God’s grace will be upon him. Because of him all schisms and heresies will disappear from Russia. There will be no more persecution of the Orthodox Church. The Lord will show His mercy upon Russia, because the terrible times which will come before the appearance of Antichrist, would have already come to pass in Russia. Even Antichrist himself will fear the Russian orthodox Kingdom.
The kingdom
“The Antichrist will govern all nations, apart from Russia and the Slav territories, and they will suffer all the calamities and persecutions written in the Scriptures. In Russia, however, there will be a feast and rejuvenation of Faith, but only for a short while, since the Judge will come to test both the living and the dead”.
On Antichrist occupying the Holy Seat
“Blessed will be he who will not be deceived from now on and will not see God in the dreadful face of Antichrist. Whoever will see him and listen to his blasphemies with which he will be promising earthy pleasures, will be deceived and will worship him. He who will do such a thing will be lost along with him and will burn in the eternal fire”.
We asked Father: “How will it be?”
He replied in tears: “This abomination of trouble will sit on the holy throne and will deceive, by his sorcerers ( those who perform deceitful wonders) those who will live far from God. After this, Antichrist will reveal himself! The whole world will see him at the same time.”
We asked him on which throne will he seat himself, in church or elsewhere and he replied: “Not in church, in the house”. In the old times people had the iconostasis, where they placed the holy icons. Nowadays, he will perform deceitful deeds to cheat people. Those who find themselves far from the Truth will say: ‘We must be careful and listen to the news. The Antichrist will be on the news and they will receive him”.

Translated into English by: Olga Konaris Kokkinos, journalist