Training obedience

 Abba Agathon loved very much Abba Alexander, because he was very ascetic, humble, extremely gentle and of mild nature. One day all his disciples where working next to the river along with Abba Alexander who was also working peacefully. Then his disciples said to Abba Agathon: “You see Abba, Abba Alexander does nothing.”

So, Abba Agathon said to Abba Alexander: “Brother Alexander, you should work better.” When he heard this, he was wondering why his Elder told him to do so. At a later time, Abba Ahathon explained to him: “Do not get confused my brother. You think that I didn’t know that you were working well? But I told you this in front of the others, so I can cure their ill thinking, with your obedience.”



From the Gerontikon


Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou