By Archimandrite Fr. Savvas Hagioreites
As we said yesterday and we also want to repeat it today, we strongly protest against the government that took these burdensome and disgusting measures which are barbaric and criminal, against the people and against the Church, under the pretext of a simple virus, a simple flu, which, as the very data they themselves made public, does not justify at all these barbaric measures, which are destructive for the economy, but above all for our souls.
They tell us, so to speak, be careful for they will close your churches. But they do close the churches when they say that only nine people can enter, that is, the chanter, the verger and a few more; in effect, the churches are closed.
They make us wear the masks in the church, making the Worship like a carnival, threatening that they will close our churches and will impose fines on us. If all this were true and real, that is, if this danger was real, no fines would be needed. Man has a sense of self-preservation, an instinct for self-preservation, and he would do it all very easily. But if they impose fines, something is wrong.

You do not need fines to keep the other person alive, he will do it on his own, he will take whatever measures are needed.
But what deeply saddens us is precisely this attack on the Orthodox Church, which we have been experiencing for several months. And for this, we strongly protest and we ask all of you to protest, to protest and to pray, so that either these people go away or revoke and repent, which is best for them and for their souls, and also for us.
This is what I wanted to convey to you. But let us not be afraid, for the devil has this means, fear and terrorism, and he takes care to constantly maintain it with the mass deception media, which constantly feeds us with false data…
Αll this is exaggerated and magnified out of proportion; and they themselves admit that at least half of the Greeks do not believe it. They themselves wrote it the other day, that half of the Greeks, so to speak, they almost called us conspiracy theorists; for we do not believe all this over-exaggerated data directed to us.
All this is aimed elsewhere, at the global domination of the new world order followers and the Zionists. This is the truth.
That is why we should pray and also repent, for all these things, and also the threats from the East, the earthquakes and all the rest, came upon us as a concession from God for our sins. And if we repent, God shall take it all back very quickly, indeed.